Clutch Repairs, Middleton

A clutch is an important part of a car. However, it isn’t easy to know when your clutch needs changing and there are many signs to look out for that could mean your clutch needs changing.

The signs are if you have difficulty changing gears, you hear a grinding noise when you change gears, the engine revs climb or fall on their own, acceleration is lost when you change gear, or the revs keep going up but there is no increase in speed.

If you have any of these problems get in touch with us at Drive 2000, Middleton today and our mechanics can give you a free clutch assessment and if your clutch is the problem, then our specialist mechanics can get to work as soon as possible to get you back on the road.


Drive 2000 don’t fit any second hand parts.

Drive 2000 Clutch Warranty

All new clutches from Drive 2000, Middleton come with a comprehensive warranty. Usually, this warranty lasts between 12-24 months but this depends on the car manufacturer.

If you choose to have a second-hand clutch, the warranty will often be shorter.

You can ask one of our mechanics about clutch warranties over the phone or if you pop into our garage.

Clutch Repairs Drive 2000 Middleton Garage

Drive 2000 only use top quality parts with minimum 12 month 12000 miles guarantee

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