Tyre Services, Middleton

Here at Drive 2000, Middleton we offer a variety of tyre services as we like to ensure that our customers are happy with their tyres and feel they are ready and safe for the road before we return their vehicle.

With over 25 years worth of experience, our specialist mechanics at Drive 2000, Middleton can fit your tyres quickly and efficiently while you wait, or at a pre-arranged time that is better suited to you.

Take a look below to see the services we can offer for your tyres.

Tyre Services Middleton

Wheel Alignment

Drive 2000 provide Laser 4 wheel alignment service, wheels being correctly aligned is important as it helps prevent tyres deteriorating more and difficulty when steering.

Tyre fitting

If the tyres on your car are wearing thin, or you have a puncture, or the tread is wearing down, Drive 2000 can offer a tyre replacement or a tyre repair service.

Give us a call

Feel free to give us a call today and have a discussion with one of our highly experienced mechanics about any issues you may have with your vehicle and how we can help you.

In Middleton? Come and visit us.

Pop into our Middleton garage for a visit with your car if you feel as though you may be having issues and we will see if we're free to be able to help you at the time or book an appointment with you.